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Training and Coaching

Why I became a Sales Psychology Coach 

Being a Sales Psychology Coach can be extremely rewarding if you are the type of person that loves to see people succeed in business and life. 

I am that guy that loves to see people like yourself succeed! In both business and in life.

I wasn’t always a coach however, I have always been in sales. The truth is we all have been in sales since birth! You might be thinking, What are you talking about Robert? Well, What if I could bend your mind just a little bit to be able to help you understand that although you may be afraid of sales and the industry, you have been in it all of your life.

I can see the Confused look on your face right now. ;)

Let me explain further. You see, when you were born into this fun and cruel world you were confused, as many are when they start the "network marketing journey". 

Yet somehow, as an infant not knowing anything, you cried when you were hungry, tired, or had a messy diaper! What you didn’t realize is that you were calling out in need of something and your parental unit fulfilled that need by feeding you, setting you down to sleep, or changing your poopy diaper! The AHA moment comes when you understand that a Sale is nothing more than a transference of emotions. It's not just an exchange of goods and services for something of monetary value like most say it is. So in simple people's terms, you sold your parents on meeting your needs it just happened to be that you cried because you didn't know how to speak at the time.

So how does this translate into you getting better at transferring those emotions and making more sales in your business? I don't like to use the word mentor however if you like it then you can call me your Sales Psychology Coach/Mentor. Here is the biggest problem with mentoring though. Sadly, most people can't afford it. 

It took me years before I was in a position to pay for mentoring when it came to network marketing online. I even had to borrow the money and it took me two years to pay it back! I was determined! When I decided to become a Sales Psychology Coach I struggled with what to charge in the marketplace. I know the lives I had changed and the value I have left out on the table for my students and friends in the sales space.

I also know that if you don't have $1,000 or more odds are you won't be professionally mentored.

After further thought, if I put my ticket price too high, people that need it the most wouldn't be able to afford it. If my ticket price was too low people may not see any value in what I can offer. What can I offer you? ... Clarity!

I could easily charge $1,500 or more for consulting fee's and I have done that but again most wouldn't be able to afford it. Ultimately, I became a Sales Psychology Coach because I got tired of seeing the failure rate in the network marketing space online. I knew that with my knowledge of sales and the marketplace I could simplify anyone's life with some basic understandings of how we as humans work on a psychological level. Most of my colleagues that I have trained have stated that they get more knowledge in one hour with me than they have in a lifetime! 

Now you can too without a huge price tag!

So let's wake you up and teach you how to eat in this world of sales. Having me as your Sales Psychology Coach will shorten your time to mastery when it comes to transferring the emotion and creating more sales in your business. If you're picking up what I am throwing down then let me start by offering you one of my popular video pieces of training called "Forbidden Words" for F.R.E.E!

If it makes sense then I will let you have more. After I earn your trust perhaps you will allow me to personally Coach you for Sales Psychology that will help you grow whatever you are into. Let's get you scheduled for success with a Real Sales Psychology Coach!

Here is a list of the training I have available for you.

Customer Types ButtonIn this video, we teach you the different types of customers in the marketplace to be able to easily identify those different types and what to say to those types of customers to get them over the Buying Line.

Forbidden WordsIn this Video We will teach you the Forbidden Words that you shouldn't be saying in your presentation or speech.


Rapport BuildingIn this video we will teach you some Rapport Building skills to help you build relationships with your clients super fast.

Buying LineIn this video training, we teach you all about The Buying Line! What it is and how it works! This is one of my favourite things to teach!


Tonal ScaleIn This Video We explain how the Tonal Scale works and why it is important not to be too excited when it comes to the sale.

Basic SriptingIn this video, We will show you how to create a basic script that will help give you a guideline on where to begin when talking to your possible prospects.


Target MarketingIn this Video, We Talk about Target Marketing and how to find your audience.

I invite you to check out Video Number Two called Forbidden Words so you can get a taste of what and how I teach.



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