What is a Sale? ...

When most people are asked this question the typical response I hear is that a Sale is an exchange of money for goods or services.

Well, what if I told you that that's just a generic terminology for the business world?

I want you to expand your mind for just a minute and let this sink in!

A Sale is nothing more than an exchange of emotions ...

Let me explain so it makes more sense.

The human species are emotional creatures!

We do everything for the feeling that we get!

Why do you drink Coffee in the morning? If you do it's the feeling you get!

Why do you smoke? If you do it's the feeling you get!

Why do you go shopping? You like the feeling when you buy what you want!

Why do we have SEX? If you do ;) it's THE FEELING! and YES, SEX Sells!

So understanding this you should be able to see that there is an emotional element behind every Sale!

With that being said how can you tap into this exchange of emotions to bring people above what I love to call the "Buying Line"?

First you have to know what the "Buying Line" is and how it works!



Let me give you an example of how the "Buying Line" works.

Let's say you go to Walmart to go buy something you want but you only have a certain amount of money to get it.

You grab what you came for and you set it into your basket or cart.

You are now above the "Buying Line"!

You have two options at this point. You either go check out, or you look around.

All of a sudden you start looking around and you find something else that you need and it's more important than the first item.

Emotionally, if you put the first item back on the shelf you have fallen below the "Buying Line" and you are now above the "Buying Line" for the second item that you needed more than the first item.


SO think about that for just a minute ...

Do you know what the biggest killer of a Sale is?

Most people don’t know how to recognize the buying line and end up talking to much!

That's right!

To much Blah Blah Blah!


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